Architectural wire mesh is often used with a stainless steel appearance; however, there are countless options available for painting.

Making Your Project One-of-a-Kind

Painting (Complete or Partial)

Woven wire mesh can be combined with a variety of colors. In addition to RAL colors, there are numerous metallic colors available. Multi-colored designs can also be applied. The creative possibilities are almost endless.


Logos or large-scale graphics can be placed on façades.

Digital Printing

Detailed images can be displayed on wire mesh with digital printing.

Non-Ferrous Metal Mesh

If desired, non-ferrous metals are available, such as copper, tin, bronze, and brass.

The surface of non-ferrous metals might start to tarnish under atmospheric conditions and the strength of the material might limit possibilities, depending on the application. 

As an alternative, we can offer stainless steel mesh with a corresponding metallic painting.

Paint Projects

Al Sendian Tower

As with most parking garage structures, the parking garage of the Al Sendian Tower needs to maintain a controlled amount of airflow. To ensure an adequate amount of natural ventilation, W.S. Tyler’s EGLO-MONO 4791 was applied as an exterior facade that covers the four-story parking garage of the Al Sen [...]

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