Canopies and façade cladding with EGLA-MONO 4991

The architects of Archetonic recognized the potential of the former, 1950s-era residential building and had the vision to rebuild it into their headquarters. It was important for them to preserve the house in its original proportions while giving it added value and a cutting-edge look.


For the façade of the building, the architects searched for a suitable material that looks visually appealing and offers sun protection. The architects decided for a metal wire mesh cladding made by W.S. Tyler.

Due to the smooth surface the metal mesh weave type EGLA-MONO owns a flat, homogeneous appearance. The W.S. Tyler Architectural Mesh EGLA-MONO 4991 is a filigree wire mesh with semi-transparency, offering good views from inside to outside. In addition to a high-quality appearance, the wire mesh EGLA-MONO 4991 ensures good sun protection with an open area of 54%.

170 m² of stainless steel wire mesh EGLA-MONO 4991 decorates the main façade with elements of 1.70 m width and up to 9 m length. W.S. W.S. Tyler supplied ready to install mesh elements, including the fixing technology of tension profiles, clevis screws and pressure springs.